REVAD is visual artist David Riley.

revad and the logic and influence... © by revad david riley

revad and the logic and influence of circle, square and triangle; 11° © 2010 by revad david riley

artist statement

“I am a black box, an abstract device evolved to hide the complexities within. Given the appropriate stimulus, I can be triggered to display a transient pop-up model of my inner self and disclose a little of what would otherwise remain secret.

I can say with some certainty, when I chose the black box metaphor, I was thinking like an engineer. In science and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics; and without any knowledge of its internal working. Using this well understood concept, I think I am (in) the black box. That is, I receive stimuli to make work; I apply my interest, experience and passion to making the work; I produce output and I share the output I find satisfying.

Over time, we may all be able to deduce more of my transfer characteristics. Although, I am also certain, every new work feeds back and may change those very same characteristics. If I ever know precisely what and why I do what I do (my transfer characteristics), then I will very likely stop.” REVAD

notes on process and materials

Reusable, conceptual components are applied to new lines of enquiry. Outcomes are constructed at the interface between concepts, were one idea is encouraged to impact another, where what has gone before is encouraged to influence what is new. A side-effect may be the development of new components, which are then added to an archive for future deployment.

Materials are selected to maximise the exploration of current interests. Current materials include: paper; canavs; board; paint; office materials; wood; tape; bungee cord; C-type Lambda and Giclee print; aluminium and acrylic mounts (e.g. Diasec™ or DuroSpec™). Current tools include: pencil, marker pen, brush, scanner, camera (still and video), and software (commercial and bespoke).

Outcomes can, where appropriate, be engineered to any practical size, as required for the intended installation space (virtual, domestic, gallery, museum, or corporate). Physical outcomes are (usually) realised for a specific opportunity. To be accepted, the opportunity must advance the pursuit of current interests and contribute to the attainment of a personal visual aesthetic.


As a first career David worked in the telecommunications industry, where he became a senior systems engineer creating bespoke solutions to meet customer requirements.

In late 2005, David left the industry to spend time exploring his creativity in a more direct and personal way – as an artist. This exploration started via a foundation course and a BA (Hons) Drawing for Fine Art Practice from Swindon College, where a first class honours degree was awarded by the University of Bath. He is now following self-directed lines of enquiry.

David’s current interests include exploring the space between: signal and noise.

David is the inventor of the TRIARCLE, CIRCUARE and SQUANGLE visual cyphers.

features and editorial

  • Pondering Art in a Sc Fi Future by Henry Bateman; January 2015; The Expat.
  • David is interviewed by Andy Parkinson; April 2014; for patternsthatconnect.
  • David is a featured contributing artist in the book This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age by Jane Boyer; October 2013; now available from Amazon and other booksellers.
  • David talks to Jane Boyer for This ‘Me’ of Mine; March 2012.
  • a-n.co.uk Artists Talking Choice Blog; March 2012; for the blog F O R M A T.
  • a-n.co.uk Artists Talking Choice Blog; August 2011; for the blog B E Y O N D.
  • a-n.co.uk Magazine, 2010 Degrees supplement; May 2010.
  • a-n.co.uk Degrees Unedited, David talks to Richard Taylor; Feb. 2010.


  • BA (First Class Honours) Drawing for Fine Art Practice; awarded by the University of Bath; 2010.
  • Post Graduate Certificates; awarded by The Open University:
    Software Developments for Networked Applications using JAVA; 2000;
    Common Lisp Programming for Artificial Intelligence; 1998.
  • BA (Open) Mathematics, Technology and Computing; awarded by The Open University; 1992.


  • Member at Axisweb.
  • Associate member at OVADA.
  • Member of a·n The Artists Information Company.
  • Member of AIR Artists’ Interaction and Representation.
  • Member at West Oxon Arts.

art books

All current books are self-published at blurb.com. Each book should be considered an art work rather than a conventional book. David sees the book as a highly appropriate and useful medium for recording a serial idea and the derived outcomes.

  • TRIARCLE monochrome components; March 2010.
  • TRIARCLE colour components; March 2010.
  • CIRCUARE monochrome components; March 2010.
  • CIRCUARE colour components; March 2010.
  • SQUANGLE monochrome components; March 2010.
  • SQUANGLE colour components; March 2010.
  • Shakespear’s Vowels; April 2009.

Please click through to blurb to see a detailed preview of your chosen book.


Work is currently held in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Romania.

future exhibitions

Harmony Discord; The Post Modern, Swindon, England; 22nd – 30th May 2015.

current transient virtual exhibits

permenant virtual exhibits

selected real-world exhibitions

  • Oxfordshire Artweeks; South Oxford Community Centre, Oxford, England; May 2014.
  • Crossing Lines; & Model, Leeds, England; Jan to Feb 2014.
  • This ‘Me’ of Mine; Colchester + Ipswich Museums, Art School Gallery, Ipswich, England; Sep to Jan 2013/14.
  • This ‘Me’ of Mine; Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent, England; May to June 2013.
  • This ‘Me’ of Mine; Strange Cargo, Georges House Gallery, Folkstone, England; April to May 2013.
  • This ‘Me’ of Mine; A.P.T. (Art in Perpetuity Trust), Deptford, London, England; March 2013.
  • Secrets & Stories; WOA, Bampton, Oxfordshire, England; Jan 2013.
  • Lines of Enquiry 7; ICIA Art Space 1, University of Bath, England; Feb. to Mar. 2011.
  • 11°; Mulberry Building; Kembrey Park, Swindon, England; Jun. 2010.
  • Interface; the Post Modern gallery; Swindon, England; Apr. 2009.
  • Process, Surface and/or Abstraction; Swindon College School of Art; Swindon, England; Jan. 2009.
  • Free Radicals; Swindon College School of Art; Swindon, England; May 2007.
the logic and influence of circle, square and triangle; 11° © 2010 by revad david riley

the logic and influence of circle, square and triangle; 11° © 2010 by revad david riley


what is it about words © revad david riley

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